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MUV,MÜV,chair,MUV chair,KickStarter engages your CORE, activates your MIND, encourages you to FIDGET, promotes better POSTURE
MUV,chair,MÜV chair,SEMA,KickStarter
MUV chair,MÜV,chair,office,desk,conference,meeting,KickStarter
MÜV chair
a core strengthening,
calorie burning,
posture correcting,
workout machine
disguised as a stool.
"Love my MUV chair" writes Harvey J. (football player) - on right
"While attending SEMA this year, these guys asked me to test out
this stool.  I was skeptical, it didn't look like the big recliner I have
back at my desk.  Now like most people, I've had back issues
from time to time and walking the isles at SEMA had not helped
matters.  After sitting down it took me a second to wrap my
head around the concept of the chair.  To make a long story
short....I came back to visit my new friends often, throughout
the week.  I gladly helped "test" the chair and convinced many
others to try it.  I was hooked!  My back felt great and I left
rejuvenated every visit. I was lucky enough to get one of the
prototypes after the show and have been loving it ever since.
Everyone needs a MUV chair."
      The perfect chair
Looks simple because it is.
You stay engaged, gone is fatigue.
Imagine staying focused.
Productivity becomes painless.
MÜV, MUV,chair,KickStarter
MÜV, MUV,chair,KickStarter
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Age restriction
MÜV chair accommodates almost
everyone, from grade school
children to senior citizens.
Height adjustable
A pneumatic lift allows the height
to adjust over 5", enough to suit
ANYONE who wants to improve
their physical and mental health.
Prolonged Sitting
Blood flow decreases to your body and your brain.
  • reduced concentration
  • obesity
  • organ damage
  • drowsiness
  • posture
MÜV, MUV, chair, KickStarter
You burn calories without effort!
MUV chair keeps your body
active while you sit.
Provides ergonomic
support for:
  • a stronger back
  • healthier posture
  • spinal alignment
  • core-strengthening workout
MUV,MÜV, chair,KickStarter
It's all about the Pivot Point
We found the farther the pivot point
is from the floor, the better. So we
put it directly under your seat.
 Why it works
A full 360 degree wobble
causes instability, which:
  • engages your CORE
  • activates your MIND
  • encourages you to FIDGET
  • promotes better POSTURE
Meet MÜV chair
Sitting Disease,Sedentary,sitting,disease,MUV chair can help,MÜV,MUV,chair
Sedentary sitting is bad for our
health. Studies show it's
The more "ergonomic" a
chair is, the more it
promotes sedentary sitting.
Leaving you
The office chair has remained unchanged,
they promote
sedentary (not moving) sitting.
MUV,MÜV,chair,MUV chair,KickStarter engages your CORE, activates your MIND, encourages you to FIDGET, promotes better POSTURE
S i t  a c t i v e - b e  F i t - s t a y  H e a l t h y